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Over the Summer, the Central Texas Chapter accepts applications for new members. Our new members must have singing experience, but do not have to have a music degree! You must have a recommendation from either your Minister or Music or your Pastor. They should include areas of service you have participated in at your church. Our retreat is the last weekend in August at varying locations. Attending the Retreat is REQUIRED to receive and learn the new music for the coming season.

Expenses include:

  • Retreat Cost: $65.00

  • Dues: $35.00 (covers purchase of music, binder, pencil holder, pencils, etc.)

  • Uniform: $100 Black full length dress with black shimmery jacket

  • Pearl earrings and necklace: $10.00

  • Nametag: $8.00

  • Polo for casual concerts: $15.00


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